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Institute for Global Agriculture & Technology Transfer

Global Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise Development

Global Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise Development

Global Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise DevelopmentGlobal Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise DevelopmentGlobal Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise Development


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Increasing water and land scarcity, climate change, and growing populations have made it harder than ever to feed the world.

As agricultural problems continue to grow, rural communities in developing countries are struggling to adapt. Often reliant on conventional and wasteful agricultural practices, many developing farmers use more inputs to produce less food, trapping them and their families in a cycle of food insecurity, malnutrition, and poverty.

Sustainable agricultural knowledge and technology needs to get to those who need it.

Help IGATT do just that.  IGATT is targeting 2020 for establishing and expanding poor women agricultural cooperative programs along the India-Nepal border. Help to fund: DONATE 


IGATT : Bucket Drip Kit in Nepal : IMPACT


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The future of farming is going towards precision technology which improves the quantity and quality of crops, fruits and vegetable production. Precision is all about "where and when needed" concept with the precise use of agricultural inputs and which ensures also increase in productivity and environmental sustainability. Collection of the data using geo-special tools, weather and micro-climate around plants using sensors provides information about best choices for sustainability, agronomic  and economic management practices. Innovation and technology driven by Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and big data supports the optimization of resources (water, soil, seeds, fertilizers and nutrients, plant protection approach) and thus we learn traceability of the processes and raw materials used for the production. Hence, we know how the food is produced and hence these new technologies are now driving bigger investment and profit for farmers.

Regenerative agriculture is an impact investment strategy for future as it addresses not only the food supply but also the climate change, conflict resolution for water demand and supply. Demonstration shows that we can grow healthier food and be more profitable than conventional Agricultural systems.

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Ag Invest India Summit Nov 2020 (Date Announcement soon)


Bringing best minds of the world together for sustainable agriculture solutions! This summit is intended to create investment opportunities for Ag startups and connecting capital and investment for farm sector

vision through Innovation


Building opportunities for bringing new technology to transfer in India and scale up proven technology from India to around the world know.



Ag Invest India Summit is a collaborating platform to support solving greatest challenges and roadblocks Indian Agriculture is facing.


Building Partnership  through this summit among farmers, innovators, policy makers, traders, exporters, technology providers, extension service professionals and investors through B2B and B2G services across India

Local to Global

Building a sustainable conduit among local to global farm sectors, technologies, innovation and investment for the benefit of Indian rural communities and farmers. Farmers get an access to global market, finance and technology

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Efficiency & Big Data

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