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Institute for Global Agriculture & Technology Transfer

Global Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise Development

Global Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise Development

Global Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise DevelopmentGlobal Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise DevelopmentGlobal Agriculture, Tech Transfer, and Enterprise Development

Our Impact

Since 2008, we worked with thousands of women and youth break the cycle of poverty around the globe




At the Institute for Global Agriculture and Technology Transfer (IGATT), we create impact for local and global stakeholders by developing multi-disciplinary partnerships, fostering innovation and promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable agriculture through experiential learning, consultation, and technology transfer.  LEARN MORE

Global Partnerships




We match key stakeholders with farmers & agricultural communities in need to create lasting change.

Irrigation Efficiency



Our team specializes in water management so we can help farmers best use and conserve this important resource.

Agriculture Enterprise Development



IGATT works with small farmers to build their business & market access for lasting gains in production & profit.

Entrepreneurial Education and Research




We provide an educational & collaborative space for innovators & entrepreneurs to find new solutions to  global problems.

Development Lab for Technology Transfer




We develop & promote appropriate technologies to reduce agricultural losses and add value to products.

Climate-Smart  Technology Adaptation



We focus on approaches that reduce climate change's impact on food production & security.

Global AgTech Startup 2020


IGATT will hold a 2020 Global AgTech Startup Event in Colorado to connect innovation around the world in  global agriculture and food systems, water technology, nutrition and healthful food. Investors and entrepreneurs from over 20 countries will gather and explore collaboration and investment strategy including participation in three nights of pitch competition.  

Founders and tech leaders from precision Ag to digital technology and innovative supply chain will be featured.

The  Key Themes

  • Climate Smart Ag and food system
  • Space and Agriculture
  • Big Data and automation in agriculture
  • Global Food System
  • Innovation for Global development
  • Investment, Pitch and Exit Strategy
  • Bio-design of  nutritional food 
  • Green alternative: Waste recycling 
  • Synthetic biology and Food system

Our Work


Appropriate Technology


Configuring innovation from farm to market landscape around the world.



We build sustainable agri-enterprise for food security, conserving limited water, and utilizing local renewable and resources for better future.

Efficient Water Management


Because water is limited, we focus on finding methods and technology for limited water extraction and increasing productivity and its availability

Clean water, Safe food and Green energy for Sustainability


We build partnership and stakeholders-owned projects and programs in USA and around the world. 

We promote healthy lifestyles through green and innovative scientific solutions from farm to market. We provide post-harvest technologies to increase shelf life of the food products.

Healthy planet


We bring opportunity through agriculture, water and energy innovation for safe and healthy planet for all.

Global Agriculture Investment for Building Sustainable Rural Enterprise around the world

World agriculture is changing fast and new innovation and precision agriculture using underground, aerial and spacial technology is changing the way agriculture will be done in the future. More disruptive technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data will bring some of the solutions of agriculture problem which farmers have faced for centuries. Even a single fruit or plant can be precisely monitored each day of its growth.

  1. Future of Agriculture and Investment  needs more innovation pathways:
  2. Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
  3. Agriculture Startup
  4. B2B and Technology transfer
  5. Farm to Market Value Chain
  6. Agriculture Investment
  7. Global Agriculture Summit
  8. Future of Agriculture and Food Biz

Build Business

Connect farms to market with the global agriculture investment to build a sustainable  agriculture enterprise development for farming become globally competitive.

Bring People Together

Agriculture Investment (Ag Invest) and farm to market in a one stop shop for Innovation. Technology  Transfer  and Entrepreneurship to build Farm Producer Connectivity to Global Marketplace.